Online Czech Language Courses for Foreigners in Prague & Brno

Individual Czech course

60-minute lesson / 490 CZK

90-minute lesson / 690 CZK 735 CZK*

*Safe 6 % when booking a 90-minute lesson. Prices valid for 10 lessons booked in April 2020.

Individual online classes: just the way you want to learn

The individual online courses are arranged exactly to your needs. You choose the time, and pace of learning. Our experienced tutors will adjust to your language demands - speaking, grammar, writing or reading.

Why choose an individual online course: 
  • 10 x 60-minute or 10 x 90-minute individual lesson led by professional Czech language tutor
  • first lesson for FREE
  • safe and comfortable way of learning from your home
  • online and pdf materials without need to buy any book
  • use for 2 months after your first lesson


60-minute individual lesson / 900 CZK
10 x 60-minute individual lesson / 7.990 CZK - 4.900 CZK (prices valid for 10 lessons booked in April 2020)

90-minute individual lesson / 1.000 CZK
10 x 90-minute individual lesson / 8.990 CZK - 6.900 CZK (prices valid for 10 lessons booked in April 2020)

<p>BEGINNER 1 (A1.1)</p>


You know a few words, phrases and how to order a beer but you want to really start to learn Czech? 

 This course will give you a great start with your Czech! You will learn how to communicate on a daily basis in the shop, cafe or on the street. You will get an idea about the Czech system of verbs in the present tense, about genders of nouns, colours, basic phrases and structure of a Czech sentence.

Limited offer: 490 CZK / 60-minute lesson
<p>BEGINNER 2 (A1.2)</p>


You have learned about Czech verbs, you know how to use them in the present and past tense but you still feel you want to progress? 

 This course will simply make you speak and start to use your knowledge on a daily basis. We will talk, learn how to react in a conversation, watch videos and listen to songs, play games and concentrate on what needs to be improved.

Limited offer: 490 CZK / 60-minute lesson

We run online courses also for advanced students 🙋!


Karolína & Marie, Czech Courses

Czech Courses head tutors
Marie founded and opened Czech Courses Prague 9 years ago. Since then, she managed to build a dream team of enthusiastic and energetic tutors, with their own system and approach of teaching with the emphasis based on speaking and practical use of the language.
Karolína is the manager and head tutor of the Czech Courses Brno team.
Czech Courses has become the largest Czech language school in Prague and Brno.
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