Czech Language Courses for Foreigners in Prague & Brno

Group classes: the most popular form of education at Czech Courses

Group classes are ideal for those who have limited time during the week to attend language courses.

Czech Courses offers courses ranging from A1, designed for new beginners, to B2, targeted for those with advanced experience with the Czech language.

Participants get homework and other exercises to complete outside of class. Courses are taught in a way that gives students the opportunity to improve their speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills by working in groups as well as individually.

Why sign up for group classes:
  • Group classes are dynamic and active and intended to help participants become more effective when communicating in Czech. 
  • The course uses a flexible approach in which a teacher can vary their principals based on the group's needs. 
  • The coursework focuses on comprehension of spoken and written Czech and improving pronunciation.
"I’ve experienced cozy atmosphere, very friendly and creative teachers, made new friends and I feel comfortable speaking Czech with locals. I think flexibility is also one of the biggest advantages in Czech Courses - you can start whenever you want without waiting few months for the new course to begin, change the time according to your needs or switch to more advanced group."
intensive courses

Intensive course: from 10 days up to 2 months!

The intensive courses and semi-intensive courses are aimed at those who need quickly and effectively study the basics of the Czech language as well as gain an insight into the Czech culture and traditions. 

The intensive course's schedule span from 10 days up to 2 months. During this time, you will get an introduction to Czech everyday life and language, its grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Why choose an intensive language course:
  • The intensive courses are dynamic and active and intended to help participants become more effective when communicating in Czech.
  • The course uses a flexible approach in which a teacher can vary their principals based on the group's needs. Although we emphasise a pleasant and fun atmosphere, the course is intense, which significantly accelerates the language-learning progress.
  • The coursework focuses on comprehension of spoken and written Czech and improving pronunciation. 
"I attended the intensive course here, and that was a great experience. The Czech Courses teaching method is "casual" and informal and that - together with a cozy , stylish and modern location - makes the learning process easier. Paráda!"

Individual classes: just the way you want to learn

The individual courses are arranged exactly to your needs. You choose the place, time, and pace of learning. Our experienced tutors will adjust to your language demands - speaking, grammar, writing or reading.

The classes can take place both at our office or at your preffered place. We can also arrange Skype lessons in case you'll be away travelling.


Studying one-to-one is ideal when you know exactly what you need and want to work on. For example, pronunciation or advanced writing are always best to be taught individually.

Why choose an individual language course:
  • You choose your time, days and pace of studying.
  • The tutor can adjust exactly to your needs.
  • You can go over things you know you need to work on the most.
"I attended an intensive course last summer and it was truly a pleasure. Our teacher managed to cover the most important basics within two weeks, while making the classes entertaining and adapting to each students pace and wishes. I can wholeheartedly recommend Czech Courses to anyone looking for an efficient, flexible and enjoyable school!"

In-company classes: for the benefit of the employees and the employer

There are many international companies in the Czech Republic having English as its main business language. If you feel that you could benefit from making your employees speak Czech and amplify your business by broadening their language skills in your industry field, we are here to help.

We offer individual and group in-company courses ranging from conversational total beginner level up to custom-designed courses meeting your company's goals and career progression programs of your employees. 


Our language courses programs can follow a general, business, technical, medical, or conversational specialization track.

Why choose an In-company language course:
  • Custom-designed language training programs
  • Individual and group courses 
  • Employees can use their benefit programs to pay for their courses
We think that you'll learn the most if you enjoy what you do. Our open, interactive and energising Czech lessons just won't let you take a nap. We have managed to build a stable team of enthusiastic tutors, who are constantly sharing new ideas through regular creative workshops to keep their lessons juicy and fun.  

Czech step by step the easy and enjoyable way

Would you like your children to begin with Czech? They can look forward to learning in an enjoyable way, lessons full of games and interactive activities!

The Czech courses for kids are divided into four age groups:

3 - 5 years | 5 - 7 years | 7 - 10 years | 10 - 13 years

All Czech Courses tutors are qualified and highly experienced and know how to motivate and inspire young minds. As the leading Czech teaching experts, we know how to encourage the unique way children learn a new language. Our creative and positive tutors make a safe and nurturing environment where it is natural and enjoyable for your child to learn Czech.

Why choose our Czech language course for kids:

  • Custom-tailored language training programmes for different age groups
  • Positive and creative classroom environment
  • A superb location at the centre of Prague
  • Maximum class size of 6 children
The younger your child is, the better it is to introduce her/him to a foreign language. Our Czech courses for kids are designed to be as immersive as possible. Let your child learn Czech in a fun, participative and inclusive environment!