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Czech Courses Students: #LockdownStories with Leendert

April 17, 2021

I remember exactly the day when the beautiful Wolters family first came to Czech Courses and was shocked when Leendert told me during our interview it was exactly 8 years ago. Time flies! Read our latest blog release about how his job at Network Praha looks like and how much he enjoys cooking for Help Prague's Homeles.

"My name is Leendert Wolters, I am married to Nelleke, we have two children, Jesse (16) and Chaja (13). We are from the Netherlands, we came to the Czech Republic 8 years ago, tomorrow exactly...

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Czech Courses Students: #LockdownStories with Vasily

April 12, 2021  

Vasily has been one of our bravest students who has continued to study in an intensive online course the whole year of lockdown. 

"My Czech course has been one of the reasons why to set up my alarm clock and get out from bed, to have something to do during the day. At first, staying at home was fun. I was planning to do more activities, even to work out. But I became so lazy. I simply wasn´t one of those „jogging-and-banana-bread-baking“ types of people.

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Czech Courses Students: #LockdownStories with Ulrika & Pontus

April 7, 2021

Meet our students Ulrika & Pontus, Swedish digital nomads who are about to welcome their second baby very soon. Why is Prague one of the best cities in the world to live on bitcoin, to give birth or to find a work-life balance? How did they meet their community of friends and how did Paralelní Polis help them to settle down here?

"We have been digital nomads for five years and when our daughter was one year old we felt like we needed to settle down a bit. We have been to Prague a couple of times during our years as nomads and had a good Swedish-Czech community here, so we decided to move to Prague in 2020.

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Czech Courses Students: #LockdownStories with Nigel

April 3, 2021

We had such a lovely time talking to Nigel, a passionate biker, explorer of the lost corners of Prague and a director of one of the schools in here. What surprised him after the arrival to the Czech Republic, what does he love about life here and how do the young people get through the online school year? 

"I am Nigel, I am the Director of a school in Prague and I have been here for five and half years. I like adventure, having worked in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Brazil, just to name a few. With the family, I travelled to, and taught in, America for a year and later in South Korea. From there, I moved to Prague, taking a job as the Deputy Director, and soon after that, the Director - a role we call the Headmaster in the UK.

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Czech Courses Students: #LockdownStories with Charlie

March 29, 2021

We start our new series of talks with Czech Courses students about their lockdown experience, their thoughts, plans, losses and victories. Marie spoke to our first guest, Charlie, from the USA.

"I come from near New Orleans. When I had just graduated from university, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I googled „teaching English“. Believe it or not, Prague was the first place that came up, and the school I eventually did attend was having a special discount. I thought, really, why not?

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Opening in-class courses in full in January

December 6, 2020

Dear students,

 our Vinohradská 18 office and all the in-class courses will open again from Monday, January 4, 2021.

 Please get in touch for more information on the upcoming courses.

 Thank you for your support!

Marie & Czech Courses team

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We make your Czech course even more affordable

August 12, 2020   

The corona has changed lives for nearly everybody. The restrictions upon people´s jobs, travel and future planning have made many of our current and prospective students think about how to secure their future best. Of course, knowing the language of the country you live in well, helps immensely. We want to help you achieve your goals with ease. Therefore, we have made significant shifts in our prices to allow even more people to learn Czech.

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Restart of all in-class courses from May 25!

April 26, 2020 

Dear students, 

we are happy to announce that from Monday, May 25, all our current and upcoming courses run in-class again at Czech Courses classrooms at Vinohradská 18. Please check all the new courses that we are opening on that day and further on.

Of course, booking yourself for an individual online Czech course is still be possible. We are sure that you will benefit greatly from all the special online material we have prepared for you during the lockdown for your online classes! 

From Monday, May 11, we will restart in-class individual face to face classes. Up until May 31, you can still book an individual course for a reduced price.

From Monday, May 4, you can pay us a visit at Czech Courses office at Vinohradska 18 again to discuss anything in person. 

Thank you all for your great support,

we look forward to meeting you again!

Marie & the Czech Courses team

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We are ready! Your time to test a FREE 60-minute Czech online lesson!

March 20, 2020

Dear Czech Courses students!

After a week of shock from the situation in our country and the whole world, we moved fast to  work on an effective online learning solution.

We have set a couple of tests and fun creative workshops among our tutors, where we shared great  ideas for your online classes. 

Now we have everything ready for both the individual and group distance learning and all our current and upcoming courses will run as planned. 

To prove our words, it is time for you to try out our FREE 60-minute individual lesson!  

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Czech Courses taking a 1-week break starting Monday, March 15, moving all classes online from Monday, March 23

March 15, 2020

Dear Czech Courses students, 

for the last couple of days, we were looking at the changes in the whole world with great concern. 

Although just a week ago this seemed unimaginable, we decided that in regards to your safety and safety of our tutors we will take a one-week break in our group courses starting Monday, March 16.

During that time we will intensively work on a switch to an online solution that will allow us to keep going. 

What will happen next?

Individual lessons will continue through an online platform immediately from Monday, March 16. 

Group classes will switch to online in one-week time on Monday, March 23. You will not lose your classes!

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