In-class & Online Czech Courses for Foreigners in Prague & Brno
Monika studied Czech and English at Charles University and currently is completing her Master's degree in teaching Czech as a foreign language. She spent some time living and teaching children in Spain and is learning Spanish. Next, she hopes to tackle Hebrew! She loves traveling, food, art, culture, the Beatles, war books, Harry Potter movies, Egon Schiele, Prague and sharing her love of Czech with others.
Aneta studied Business English in Zlin, but after a year and a half, she realized that her dream was completely different and decided to make it come true. She spent one year in Britain, where she worked as an au pair and studied English. Travelling became one of her passions, so she left abroad again - this time to Houston, Texas, for 13 months and then New Zealand for 10 months. In the meantime, she also worked as an English tutor in CZ language school. Aneta loves nature, animals, ocean, discovering new places, foreign cultures and cuisine as well as meeting new people along the way.
Anna came to Prague from a small city in South Bohemia called Vodňany. She studied at CharlesUniversity majoring in Czech and English language, so it is an ideal combination for teaching hermother tongue. Anna loves nature and long walks in the forest. She also enjoys discovering southerncountries and spending her day by the sea is a perfect way how to relax. She can appreciate goodsushi as well as good white wine. During summer, Anna participates in tutoring children at summercamps. Anna is always happy to see herstudents enjoy the classes.
Anna studied Media Studies at Charles University in Prague. She spent some time travelling and living around the world when she discovered the beauty of the Czech language. Anna speaks English, Russian and French. She likes to test alternative methods of learning as well as new ways of teaching languages. Anna loves spending time in nature around forests and rivers, cuddling animals, painting, practising yoga, cooking and discovering art and new cultures.
Dana is an enthusiastic and creative tutor. For many years, she worked for big international companies in marketing. Then she decided to do what she had always loved - teaching. Besides teaching Czech at Czech Courses, Dana is also a teacher guide for the alternative education kid programmes. That is why she has an unending patience. Nowadays, she also studies Creative pedagogy at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She loves playing board games, singing, and of course teaching.
Anna studied Law and Jurisprudence at Charles University in Prague, where she lives and was born, too. She considers teaching Czech as a challenge, but it is a pleasure for her at the same time.She loves decadence, reading, cooking, travelling and art of all kinds, especially literature, music,theatre and cinematography. She can appreciate good wine and beer and the beauty of old times. Annais also very sociable, so you can often find her talking, drinking, singing or dancing with her friends intheir favourite pub.
Mája is a kind and playful tutor. Her lessons are driven by her longtime experience inimprov theatre. Mája knows tons of games which help you to study and bring fun. Her enthusiasm and patience create a friendly atmosphere. Besides teaching, Májaloves spending time in nature. In fact, before discovering her passion for teaching, Mája even studied biology! She also studied Creative Pedagogy at the TheatreFaculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. This helped her developteaching skills. Mája likes singing. And dark chocolate instead of coffee. 
Iva studied Czech and Norwegian at Charles University. She loves beauties of her mother tongue, which she always gladly shares with her students. Iva herself has much experience with learning languages – she speaks English, French, Norwegian, Latvian and would like to learn Estonian. Besides that, she loves nature, animals – especially her beloved dog, sunshine and walking in the woods. Books, rock and metal music are among her other interests.
Nikola studied Czech language and literature on Charles University and is getting ready to study Comparative studies. She spent six monthsin Kyiv teaching Czech and preparing students for their language exams. Nikola had the chance to use herRussian skills there, but she would like to devote more time to learn Spanish and German again.Nikola likes to travel, to read and taking care of her plants. She often visits dance and yoga classes. 
Lenka moved to Prague from Moravia to study International Business at the University of Economics. Teaching Czech combines two of her favourite things – getting to know new people, and the English language. An important part of her life is her annual summer job as an entertainer in Italy. Working in international teams of young creative people has enabled her to make great friends all over Europe. She also works with Erasmus students and takes part in organising events and trips for them. She is learning German and Italian, and wishes to start with Russian. She loves ballet, Italy, sushi, travelling, reading, the theatre, and movies, amongst many other interests.
Míša studied Adult Education and Personal Management at Charles University. Besides her study, she is interested in ballroom dances and plays the flute. She likes working with people, travelling, getting to know different cultures and Prague. Míša decided to teach so she can motivate and encourage people to learn something new. Fun and friendly atmosphere during her lessons are important to her.
Olivia studied Journalism, English philology and Pedagogy at Palacky University in Olomouc. During her studies, she spent some time in England and USA. Later on, Olívia worked for an agency specialising in congress tourism, as a travel guide and as a tutor of English for people from top management of several companies in Prague. She loves her profession as a journalist and music critic, exotic countries, Buddhism, cats, walking, the sun, positive people and of course Czech language. That's why she is happy for the opportunity to teach her beloved language and spread its beauty further. She is also interested in psychology, aromatherapy, face yoga and therapies leading to life in balance.
Lucie studied Czech and Civics in the Faculty of Education at Charles University. She can combine her experience from teaching at both elementary and secondary school. After some years of teaching, she made a professional break and went travelling. She lived in San Francisco over a year and afterwards, she made a six-month-trip across Central America.Lucie´s big passions are literature (she´s an avid reader), music and nature. Currently, she is devoted to her family, but also to English and Czech- these languages will never stop astonish her. She loves her lessons, especially the moments when she can follow the small (almost unnoticed) but the fundamental success of her students.
Magdaléna is above all a lover of life and of everything that life itself brings to everyday existence. Sun and rain, good and bad coffee, love and break ups, summer and winter. She loves her mother language and deeply respects anyone who decides to study and delve deeper into anything, whether it is a foreign language, yoga asana or their own heart.
Jana studied Economics and Management at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. She lived nearly 6 years in the UK. She likes jewellery making, hiking, running and taking long walks with her dog. She enjoys supporting others to develop new skills and knowledge, and that is why she really likes teaching the Czech language.
Jana studied Media studies at Charles University. Apart from Czech teaching, Jana also works as a professional tour guide. She studies French and Italian. Here is a secret tip from her: "Start to speak from the beginning. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. The key part is to let go of your fear and find the courage to speak. That is how your language becomes active." Jana is a very cheerful and passionate teacher and will help you feel good about the Czech language.
Kája studied Ethnology at Charles University in Prague. She loves working with people and learning about different cultures. Her other profession is dog sitter and dog trainer. For the last few years she also worked as a guide at folklore festivals in Prague. In fact this experience helped her to discover her passion for teaching Czech as a foreign language. Besides that, she loves cooking, travelling, spending time in nature and sleeping in a hammock in the woods. Her big love is history and Prague and she really enjoys sharing her love of Czech and Prague with her students.  
Síta loves learning new things, creating, and witnessing improvement. She feels being a teacher gives her all, and finds teaching very inspiring for her language learning. Síta tries to be the teacher she enjoys having herself: respectful, demanding and creative.Síta studied Philosophy at Glasgow University. She loves creative writing, literature and languages; her passion for classical music once made her move to Vienna.
Míša studied teaching Czech and English at Charles University. She has always been interested in travelling, getting to know different cultures but also in making others fall in love with the Czech culture, thus teaching Czech as a foreign language is a perfect combination of her interests. She loves poetry, autumn colors, drawing portraits of strangers, steak tartare with dark beer and salmon with Chardonnay, great heights, Prague rooftops and balcony views and dancing like there is nobody watching.
Sofia studies sociology and economics at Charles University and teaches the Czech language. She has had a chance to travel a lot and even live in different countries, so she knows firsthand how important it is to be able to fully communicate with people in the country where you live. Besides, she is interested in Slavic folklore. She tries to conduct her lessons in a friendly atmosphere so that all participants in the lesson receive not only knowledge but also pleasure from the time spent together.
Jitka is an excited teacher, addicted to those special moments when students fall in love with her native language. Jitka does all kind of magic to make her students look forward to the next lesson. Thanks to her children, she discovered what “flow learning” means exactly, and how smoothly it goes, when we follow the “see, hear and speak” method. Jitka´s Czech classes are an amusing and vigorous experience. She finished her studies at the Charles University with a master degree from Civil Society Studies, and worked as a communication specialist in several international companies.
Julie studied at the Institute of International Studies at Charles University and did her master's degree in American studies, specializing in African American history. For the past years, she passionately worked for One World Film Festival, which focuses on human rights documentaries, and also taught English. As a teenager, Julie spent a few years living in New York City, which she still considers her second home. She likes meeting people from different parts of the world and learning about their culture. Teaching her native language, Czech, is a great way to introduce her own culture to others. She loves traveling, hiking in the mountains, growing veggies, but also enjoys the vibrant Prague city life and cultural events.
Klára studied Special pedagogy at Charles University in Prague. She likes working with people, cooking, dancing and meeting new people from all over the world and discovering various cultures. She is also a lover of art, especially architecture.
Marie studies Political science at Charles University. She likes sports, especially riding a horse, running and hiking. She enjoys travelling, learning new things or reading. She loves to spend time in nature, particularly in the forest or in the mountains and she loves animals as well. Even though Marie was born in Prague, she feels there like a tourist and she enjoys exploring unknown parts of the old city. She likes getting to know different cultures and meeting new people. She enjoys teaching the Czech language. Marie thinks that it is a job with value added, meeting new people from different countries and passing knowledge on. She likes to meet every new student and she admires students' determination to study the Czech language. Satisfied students and friendly atmosphere are the most important for her during her lessons. 
Natálie studies International and Diplomatic Studies at VŠE.She loves travelling and getting to know new cultures, languages, gastronomy and the sea.She enjoys spending time with enthusiastic people, music in all its forms and summer sunsets.Looking forward to seeing you at my lessons!
Elizabeth has a rich pedagogy experience with children. She started teaching foreigners as a volunteer teacher. Then she found her place at Czech Courses Prague. Elizabeth studied classical piano at the Prague conservatory. She moved to the Czech Republic 8 years ago from Ukraine. Elizabeth is a very patient and compassionate teacher who knows how to make learning a new language effective and fun. Elizabeth is a very easy-going and energetic tutor who enjoys traveling, dancing, and meeting new people. Her favourite place is Paris.
Sára studied Physics at Charles University in Prague. Though it is different from her field, she loves Czech literature and Czech language in general and it makes her happy to introduce it to other people. She enjoys swimming, maths (really), baking and going for long walks with her two dogs. She loves music and if there is any kind of concert with free entry in Prague, you will probably see her there. 
Tereza studies English and Social studies at the Faculty of Education at Charles University where she discovered the beauty of teaching. She enjoys travelling and getting to know new cultures. It helped Tereza appreciate her mother tongue Czechwhich she is excited to introduce to her students. Her favourite activity is taking long walks around her hometown Prague because it's one of her favourite cities. She likes to spend her free time with her friends, either going for brunches or listening to some live music. Besides that, Tereza loves cooking, old music, doing yoga and taking care of her plants.
Karolína was born in Prague. She studied at an international school in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For one semester, Karolína studied and traveled with the US university CSU. Upon her arrival in Prague, she started to teach the Czech language to help foreigners settle down in a new place and make this process fun. She likes to dance, hike in the mountains, sew clothes, and travel to different cultures to meet interesting people. Apart from the Czech language, Karolína also likes biology and chemistry. You can see Karolína in small Prague cafés or parks with friends enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or doing something new that would challenge her limits.
Marie was born in Prague and studied Czech and French at Philosophic Faculty at Charles University. Then she spent 3 years studying Sociology at Université Paris V René Descartes. Upon Marie's arrival from Paris, she worked as a teacher or translator. Marie loves history, theater, traveling, cross-country skiing, and bicycle. Marie is sociable and likes laughing.
Adéla studied English and Czech at the Faculty of Education at Charles University.She used to teach at a small language school in her hometown, Český Krumlov,where she taught kids English. She would also spend summers tutoring children atlanguage summer camps. In her free time, she is a passionate vinyl collector, shealso enjoys long walks around Prague, reading and practising yoga.
Blanka is an excited Czech teacher and an English teacher for preschool children. Her passion for children makes all of her lessons creative and playful. She understands that when you enjoy something, you learn the most. She spent one year in Turkey teaching and fell in love with their cuisine and culture, so she comes back every year. She enjoys learning new things and currently started with salsa and bachata - pět, šest, sedm, osm!
After experiencing a life of a foreigner herself, Veronika decided that the right career path for her is to become a tutor of her native language. She enjoys observing the progress of her students. The biggest inspiration for Veronika is her mum, who is also a language teacher. Besides work, Veronika loves hanging out with dogs, art galleries, and good coffee.  
Radim co-founded Czech Courses in 2011. His focus is on school development school & marketing. In previous years, Radim worked in the corporate world as an internal communications manager, a marketing specialist for Czech public broadcasters, and as an editor for an international news agency. Radim is a graduate of Charles University, where he studied Media and Journalism before spending almost two years in Britain. Besides his family, communication and Czech, his greatest passion is music, especially jazz, as he enjoys playing the trumpet with both modern big bands and little jazz combos.
Adéla was born in Prague where she studied Italian and Portuguese Philology. During her studies, she spent a year in Portugal where she fell in love with pastel de nata and traditional Portuguese espresso. Then, with her own family, Adéla lived in Ho Chi Minh City enjoying fresh cut coconut and hectic Asian city life. Her passion for languages led Adéla to teach her mother tongue to foreigners. Knowing Czech is not the easiest language, she is always very patient. She loves to laugh together with her students and their every little step and success make her genuinely happy. Apart from languages, Adéla also draws, cooks and loves long walks in nature.
Marie founded Czech Courses in 2011, and it has been her biggest passion ever since. She likes long walks in “her“ forest, practising yoga every day, starting new projects, and when her kitchen is clean and tidy. Currently, she is mainly focused on growing the school, and on opening new classrooms and a co-working space for the Czech Courses students. Marie studied journalism and film production at FAMU. Contact her if you have any questions regarding Czech classes - or just if you realise we’ve run out of your favourite tea :). 

We are always looking for positive and creative Czech tutors to join our team. Are you one of them? Let us know!