Czech Language Courses for Foreigners in Prague & Brno
Monika studied Czech and English at Charles University and currently is completing her Master's degree in teaching Czech as a foreign language. She spent some time living and teaching children in Spain and is learning Spanish. Next, she hopes to tackle Hebrew! She loves traveling, food, art, culture, the Beatles, war books, Harry Potter movies, Egon Schiele, Prague and sharing her love of Czech with others.
Lucie studied English linguistics at Charles University and spent a year in Spain as an Erasmus student. She loves (foreign) languages, especially English, Spanish and Czech, of course :) She is happy to share her knowledge of this beautiful and tricky language with foreign students and she loves it when her students become (or already are) enthusiastic about her mother tongue. Lucie is a patient and empathetic teacher who makes learning fun and easy to digest. She loves yoga, nature, swimming, her dog, vegetarian food, summer, listening to birdsong, going to the cinema, strolling through (second-hand) bookshops, sunshine, and positive people. She enjoys travelling, getting to know new people and cultures. Her dream is to travel to South and Central America.
Františka is a big fan of music: she plays the violin and the guitar, and she loves singing. She also likes photography, reading and cooking! She decided to study Czech for foreigners at Charles University after her three-year experience with teaching. Her classes are full of games, conversations, videos. She just hates boring language lessons!
Anna studied Law and Jurisprudence at Charles University in Prague, where she lives and was born, too. She considers teaching Czech as a challenge, but it is a pleasure for her at the same time.She loves decadence, reading, cooking, travelling and art of all kinds, especially literature, music,theatre and cinematography. She can appreciate good wine and beer and the beauty of old times. Annais also very sociable, so you can often find her talking, drinking, singing or dancing with her friends intheir favourite pub.
Dana is an enthusiastic and creative tutor. For many years, she worked for big international companies in marketing. Then she decided to do what she had always loved - teaching. Besides teaching Czech at Czech Courses, Dana is also a teacher guide for the alternative education kid programmes. That is why she has an unending patience. Nowadays, she also studies Creative pedagogy at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She loves playing board games, singing, and of course teaching.
Iva studied Modern History at Charles University. She’s interested in the countries of the former Eastern bloc, which she studied in London for a couple of months. She enjoys tandem language learning with exchange students; she can speak French, is learning Russian and Mandarin, and wishes to master German. Iva loves mountains, hiking, meadows in summer, cool water, sunrise, sunset, and sleeping in the open air. She also enjoys singing, playing the piano and guitar, long conversations with her close friends, and anything that can turn into an adventure.
Maja is a joyful person, who has always been interested in foreign languages. She did not lose love for her mother tongue though and keeps using it a lot since talkativeness is one of her traits. She likes to share her knowledge, that's why she decided to teach. She spent over a year living in Ireland working with kids, which helped to strengthen her patience. She has studied tourism, being the soul of a traveller she is. When she’s not on the road, she loves to read books, play the guitar or do photography. 
Jana studied Economics and Management at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. She lived nearly 6 years in the UK. She likes jewellery making, hiking, running and taking long walks with her dog. She enjoys supporting others to develop new skills and knowledge, and that is why she really likes teaching the Czech language.
Míša studied teaching Czech and English at Charles University. She has always been interested in travelling, getting to know different cultures but also in making others fall in love with the Czech culture, thus teaching Czech as a foreign language is a perfect combination of her interests. She loves poetry, autumn colors, drawing portraits of strangers, steak tartare with dark beer and salmon with Chardonnay, great heights, Prague rooftops and balcony views and dancing like there is nobody watching.
Míša has come to Prague from Pelhřimov, a town of records and curiosities, to study Czech Pedagogy and Media at Charles University. She loves travelling, especially to the northern countries; she is now trying to learn Finnish. She also loves reading books, dancing and rock music. She plays the electric guitar and used to have a rock band. She is very curious about the secrets of human communication, which is why she likes learning and teaching languages.
Lenka moved to Prague from Moravia to study International Business at the University of Economics. Teaching Czech combines two of her favourite things – getting to know new people, and the English language. An important part of her life is her annual summer job as an entertainer in Italy. Working in international teams of young creative people has enabled her to make great friends all over Europe. She also works with Erasmus students and takes part in organising events and trips for them. She is learning German and Italian, and wishes to start with Russian. She loves ballet, Italy, sushi, travelling, reading, the theatre, and movies, amongst many other interests.
Míša studied Adult Education and Personal Management at Charles University. Besides her study, she is interested in ballroom dances and plays the flute. She likes working with people, travelling, getting to know different cultures and Prague. Míša decided to teach so she can motivate and encourage people to learn something new. Fun and friendly atmosphere during her lessons are important to her.
Elizabeth majors in Korean studies at Charles University. She enjoys teaching her mother language as well as learning about different cultures. She can speak Italian, Korean and now is also learning Japanese. Besides teaching, her passions are cooking and exploring other city's hidden gems with her friends.
Lucie studied Czech and Civics in the Faculty of Education at Charles University. She can combine her experience from teaching at both elementary and secondary school. After some years of teaching, she made a professional break and went travelling. She lived in San Francisco over a year and afterwards, she made a six-month-trip across Central America.Lucie´s big passions are literature (she´s an avid reader), music and nature. Currently, she is devoted to her family, but also to English and Czech- these languages will never stop astonish her. She loves her lessons, especially the moments when she can follow the small (almost unnoticed) but the fundamental success of her students.
Iva studied Czech and Norwegian at Charles University. She loves beauties of her mother tongue, which she always gladly shares with her students. Iva herself has much experience with learning languages – she speaks English, French, Norwegian, Latvian and would like to learn Estonian. Besides that, she loves nature, animals – especially her beloved dog, sunshine and walking in the woods. Books, rock and metal music are among her other interests.
Katka studied Literature, Czech and Semiotics at Charles University and has worked as a journalist in magazines. Besides her job she always loved tandem language learning with expats and exchange students. She speaks English, German, Italian and little French. Kateřina loves literature, film, travelling, culture and meeting new people. Her hobby is also writing short stories for which she got a few international awards. Her lessons are full of fun and also innovative grammar exercises. She will introduce you fully to Czech culture life and cuisine.
Although it is not visible at the first glance, Linda is „Pražačka jak poleno“ (true Praguer).She studied Law and Jurisprudence at Charles University.Linda loves languages, currently, she studies French and Mandarin and she also wishes tolearn Hindi one day, so she could finally explore borders of her beloved cuisine as a native.Because Linda grew up at the „Small Zoo“ (as she likes to call the house of her parents), sheis a huge animal lover and she knows how to take care for almost any kind of pet.Her favourite activities are singing, dog handling, travelling, cooking and baking, acting andwalking her doggie Charlie.
Iva collects experience all her life. She graduated from the Czech Technical University and the Economic University in Prague studying marketing communication. Then she worked for a while in the field but has changed her life course to become a Czech tutor. Iva is married and has two children. They have taught her patience, empathy, and ability to pass on her own knowledge. Iva likes reading, movies and design.
Jitka is an excited teacher, addicted to those special moments when students fall in love with her native language. Jitka does all kind of magic to make her students look forward to the next lesson. Thanks to her children, she discovered what “flow learning” means exactly, and how smoothly it goes, when we follow the “see, hear and speak” method. Jitka´s Czech classes are an amusing and vigorous experience. She finished her studies at the Charles University with a master degree from Civil Society Studies, and worked as a communication specialist in several international companies.
Radim co-founded Czech Courses in 2011. His focus is on school development school & marketing. In previous years, Radim worked in the corporate world as an internal communications manager, a marketing specialist for Czech public broadcasters, and as an editor for an international news agency. Radim is a graduate of Charles University, where he studied Media and Journalism before spending almost two years in Britain. Besides his family, communication and Czech, his greatest passion is music, especially jazz, as he enjoys playing the trumpet with both modern big bands and little jazz combos.
Marie founded Czech Courses in 2011, and it has been her biggest passion ever since. She likes long walks in “her“ forest, practising yoga every day, starting new projects, and when her kitchen is clean and tidy. Currently, she is mainly focused on growing the school, and on opening new classrooms and a co-working space for the Czech Courses students. Marie studied journalism and film production at FAMU. Contact her if you have any questions regarding Czech classes - or just if you realise we’ve run out of your favourite tea :). 

We are always looking for positive and creative Czech tutors to join our team. Are you one of them? Let us know!