Czech Language Courses for Foreigners

Monika comes from Moravia. She studied Czech and English at Charles University and currently is doing her Master's degree. She likes travelling, music of the 60's, books, art, films and theatre. She spent two months in Spain working as an au pair and she is also learning Spanish. She looks forward to helping her students with Czech and hopes to make them love it as much as she does.
Lucka studied English and Spanish at Charles University in Prague, and spent more than a year in Spain. She teaches English to both adults and kids, and really likes her job. Lucka enjoys swimming, cycling, yoga, hiking and simply being in nature and listening to birdsong, cooking vegetarian food, going to the cinema, strolling through (second-hand) bookshops, sunshine, and positive people. She loves travelling, getting to know new people and cultures, and her dream is to travel around the world.
Františka studied Czech and English Pedagogy at Charles University. She is a big fan of music: she plays the violin and the guitar, and she loves singing. She also likes photography, buying old second-hand books, cooking, hanging out with good friends, reading old second-hand books by the fire, drinking English tea and eating Scottish butter shortbread! She is happy when a foreigner wants to learn her language, so she does her best to make those dreams come true!
Aneta studied Liberal Arts and Journalism at Charles University in Prague. She has spent some time in the US, in the UK, and working in Indonesia. She loves meeting people, teaching them Czech, learning about different cultures and places of the world. Aneta is deeply interested in Tibetan culture. She enjoys travelling, dancing, speaking Spanish, wearing her polka dot dress and the smell of a book from a second-hand bookshop and of all the books from her childhood. She believes in angels and she loves life.
Anna studied Faculty of Humanities at Charles University. She teaches Czech to her erasmus schoolmates, it is what she really enjoys. She loves jazz dance, books, old music, traveling, playing piano, flying a kite, cooking, going to French Institute and reading articles about astronomy. She believes that with a positive mind even miracles can happen.
Iva studied Modern History at Charles University. She’s interested in the countries of the former Eastern bloc, which she studied in London for a couple of months. She enjoys tandem language learning with exchange students; she can speak French, is learning Russian and Mandarin, and wishes to master German. Iva loves mountains, hiking, meadows in summer, cool water, sunrise, sunset, and sleeping in the open air. She also enjoys singing, playing the piano and guitar, long conversations with her close friends, and anything that can turn into an adventure.
Tereza studied Communication and Comparative Literature at Charles University in Prague. She spent a year in Rome at Università La Sapienza, and fell deeply in love with Italy. She also worked for two summers as a counselor at Treetops summer camp in New York. She loves taking black and white photographs, oldies music, her little brother, her Czech, Italian, and Spanish friends, the colour black, good wine, Italian pasta, and Czech beer. Last but not least, she loves teaching Czech. 
Alena comes from a beautiful area near Křivoklát Castle in Central Bohemia. She is a student of Czech as a Second Language at Charles University, and she also attends additional courses for teachers. She is interested in the arts – especially music, visual arts, and poetry. Alena loves springtime, long walks, the hammock in her garden, and red wine. She also enjoys travelling around Europe, learning foreign languages and watching black and white movies from the First Czechoslovak Republic. Teaching is not only her job but also her hobby, and she enjoys teaching both children and adults.
Míša studies teaching Czech and English at Charles University. She has always been interested in travelling, getting to know different cultures but also in making others fall in love with the Czech culture, thus teaching Czech as a foreign language is a perfect combination of her interests. She loves poetry, autumn colors, drawing portraits of strangers, steak tartare with dark beer and salmon with Chardonnay, great heights, Prague rooftops and balcony views and dancing like there is nobody watching.
Radim co-founded Czech Courses in 2011. His focus is on developing the school, marketing, and teaching private lessons. In previous years, Radim worked in the corporate world as an internal communications manager, a marketing specialist for Czech public broadcasters, and as an editor for an international news agency. Radim is a graduate of Charles University, where he studied Media and Journalism before spending almost two years in Britain. Besides his family, communication and Czech, his greatest passion is music, especially jazz, as he enjoys playing the trumpet with both modern big bands and little jazz combos.
Míša has come to Prague from Pelhřimov, a town of records and curiosities, to study Czech Pedagogy and Media at Charles University. She loves travelling, especially to the northern countries; she is now trying to learn Finnish. She also loves reading books, dancing and rock music. She plays the electric guitar and used to have a rock band. She is very curious about the secrets of human communication, which is why she likes learning and teaching languages.
Lenka moved to Prague from Moravia to study International Business at the University ofEconomics. Teaching Czech combines two of her favourite things – getting to know new people, and the English language. An important part of her life is her annual summer job as an entertainer in Italy. Working in international teams of young creative people has enabled her to make great friends all over Europe. She also works with Erasmus students and takes part in organising events and trips for them. She is learning German and Italian, and wishes to start with Russian. She loves ballet, Italy, sushi, travelling, reading, the theatre, and movies, amongst many other interests.
Tereza is a graduate of Masaryk Univesity and Metropolitan university, where she studied Japanese Studies and Asian Studies and International Relations. She likes to read, dance, travel and discover new things. Her great passion is watching movies and dramas which is why she is working for the Czech-Slovak film database. Beside teaching Czech she's also teaching basis of Japanese. Her big dream is to write a Japanese textbook for Czech and Slovak students.
Marie founded Czech Courses in 2011, and it has been her biggest passion ever since. She likes long walks in “her“ forest, practising yoga every day, starting new projects, and when her kitchen is clean and tidy. Currently, she is mainly focused on growing the school, and on opening new classrooms and a co-working space for the Czech Courses students. Marie studied journalism and film production at FAMU. Contact her if you have any questions regarding Czech classes - or just if you realise we’ve run out of your favourite tea :). 
Lenka came to Prague from South Bohemia to study at the Czech Technical University, focusing on medical radiology. Her favourite activities are riding horses, walking her dogs, cycling, skating, playing or watching basketball and lots of other sports, reading books of various genres, baking, drinking coffee, and sleeping. Of course, she also enjoys teaching Czech. She believes that everything is possible, and that no one can ruin anybody else’s dreams.
Tereza studied Media and Gender Studies as an undergraduate at Charles University, where she is currently a PhD student. Her thesis is about video-game culture, and, moreover, she loves playing video games and teaching others about them. She also creates shows for children on Czech public television and has her own regular show on public radio. She loves horror movies, science, travelling, and tasting foreign cuisines. She hopes that one day she will open her own bistro filled with books, art, and good food. She is a passionate collector of lost items.
Šárka studied Czech Philology at Palacky University in Olomouc which is a beautiful city in Moravia near her hometown, and at Charles University in Prague. She started her Czech teaching career in London at a "Česká škola" project and found it amazing because she could get to know her mother tongue from a different perspective. Besides the Czech language and teaching, she loves nature, theatre, good food, dancing and laughing with friends. She is learning French and wants to learn German and Russian.

We are always looking for positive and creative Czech tutors to join our team. Are you one of them? Let us know!