Friday, 29. 11. - Sunday, 1. 12. 2019

9 x 60-minute Czech lesson, 3 levels

at a beautiful artistic residential space Rezi.Dance at Komařice at south Bohemia.

<p>BEGINNER 1 (A1.1)</p>


You know a few words, phrases and how to order a beer but you want to really start to learn Czech? 

 This weekend course will give you a great start with your Czech! You will learn how to communicate on a daily basis in the shop, cafe or on the street. You will get an idea about the Czech system of verbs in the present tense, about genders of nouns, colours, basic phrases and structure of a Czech sentence.

<p>BEGINNER 2 (A1.2)</p>


You have learned about Czech verbs, you know how to use them in the present and past tense but you still feel you want to progress? 

 This conversational weekend will simply make you speak and start to use your knowledge on a daily basis. We will talk with others, learn how to react in a conversation, watch videos and listen to songs, play games and concentrate on what needs to be improved.

<p>intermediate (B1)</p>

intermediate (B1)

You know the grammar in a theory, you know how to speak on a daily basis but you still feel there are some gaps here and there? 

 Special materials and games for the B1 level will be there, but we will mainly learn how to react to the others in the conversation and we will work on our vocabulary. Don´t worry, this weekend will not be (only) about grammar, there will be lots of games and some videos and songs, too. 

What is in the package?

  • 2 nights at a beautiful artistic residential space Rezi.Dance at Komařice in South Bohemia
  • full board home-made food
  • 9 x 60 minutes of Czech lessons with Czech Courses founders Marie & Radim
  • studying material
  • free yoga lesson on Saturday evening

You will also meet new friends and founders of Czech Courses, have time for walks in the neighbourhood either with others or on your own - whatever you prefer. Or you´d rather just sit in a chair with a good book? Everything is possible. If you want to, you can also join us for a free class of yoga on Saturday evening.

Price: 3.800 CZK

Описание изображения

FRIDAY 29/11

Arrival (16:00); Czech class (17:00 - 18:30); Dinner (18:30)


Breakfast (8:00); Czech class (9:30 - 12:30); Lunch (12:30); Coffee break (16:00); Czech class (17:00 - 18:30); Dinner (18:30); Free yoga class (20:00)


Breakfast (8:00; Czech class (9:30 -12:30); Lunch (12:30)

Marie & Radim, Czech Courses Prague

Czech Courses founders and managers
Marie and Radim founded and opened Czech Courses Prague 8 years ago. Since then, they managed to build a dream team of enthusiastic and energetic tutors, with their system and approach of teaching with the emphasis based on speaking and practical use of the language.
Czech Courses has become the largest school of the Czech language teaching in Prague and Brno, now launching brand new regular weekend courses with the Czech Courses founders themselves.

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