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We make your Czech course even more affordable

August 12, 2020   

The corona has changed lives for nearly everybody. The restrictions upon people´s jobs, travel and future planning have made many of our current and prospective students think about how to secure their future best. Of course, knowing the language of the country you live in well, helps immensely. We want to help you achieve your goals with ease. Therefore, we have made significant shifts in our prices to allow even more people to learn Czech.

At the same time, we are opening brand new premises (more coming soon!) in Vinohrady to cover the growing demand of students looking to start their Czech course with us. 

Although we lowered the prices significantly, we are not looking to compromise the quality you´ve been expecting from us for years. 

  • Intensive courses starting at just 112 CZK for a 45-minute lesson 

From now on, all newly booked 2-week intensive courses are JUST 4.900 CZK! If you decide to carry on for another 2-week cycle, we give you an extra discount of 500 CZK! Therefore, a 4-week intensive course is just 9.400 CZK instead of 10.990 CZK! No matter when you book - after you have finished your first 2-week cycle, any follow-up intensive course is 4.500 CZK only!

  • 3-months biweekly courses starting at 129 CZK for a 45-minute lesson

Instead of 7.920 CZK, the biweekly 3-month course (24 lessons) is 6.900 CZK only. When booking for six months (48 lessons), the course running twice a week for 90 minutes is just 12.400 CZK! In other words, 258 CZK per 90 minutes or 129 CZK per 45 minutes only!

Free trials to help you choose the best course possible

If you are not sure which course to choose, book a free trial to see what we do and how.

Also, if you need advice on your level, please come to our office for a free consultation.

We´d be happy to meet you at our office at Vinohradská 18, Prague 2

Your Czech Courses team